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Papers: 16 Dec 2023 - 22 Dec 2023

2023 Dec 15

Mater Horiz


Stretchable and neuromorphic transistors for pain perception and sensitization emulation.


Xu Y, Liu D, Dai S, Zhang J, Guo Z, Liu X, Xiong L, Huang J


Pain perception nociceptors (PPN), an important type of sensory neuron, are capable of sending out alarm signals when the human body is exposed to destructive stimuli. Simulating the human ability to perceive the external environment and spontaneously avoid injury is a critical function of neural sensing of artificial intelligence devices. The demand for developing artificial PPN has subsequently increased. However, due to the application scenarios of bionic electronic devices such as human skin, electronic prostheses, and robot bodies, where a certain degree of surface deformation constantly occurs, the ideal artificial PPN should have the stretchability to adapt to real scenarios. Here, an organic semiconductor nanofiber artificial pain perception nociceptor (NAPPN) based on a pre-stretching strategy is demonstrated to achieve key pain aspects such as threshold, sensitization, and desensitization. Remarkably, while stretching up to 50%, the synaptic behaviors and injury warning ability of NAPPN can be retained. To verify the wearability of the device, NAPPN was attached to a curved human finger joint, on which PPN behaviors were successfully mimicked. This provides a promising strategy for realizing neural sensing function on either deformed or mobile electronic devices.