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Papers: 22 Jul 2023 - 28 Jul 2023

Basic Science

Animal Studies, Genetics, Molecular/Cellular, Neurobiology

Neuropathic Pain

2023 Jul 19



SIX1 induced HULC modulates neuropathic pain and Schwann cell Oxidative stress after sciatic nerve injury.


Zhang J, Mei Z, Yao W, Zhao C, Wu S, Ouyang J


Neuropathic pain is a severe and debilitating condition caused by damage to the peripheral nerve or central nervous system. Although several mechanisms have been identified, the underlying pathophysiology of neuropathic pain is still not fully understood. Unfortunately, few effective therapies are available for this condition. Therefore, there is an urgent need to investigate the underlying mechanisms of neuropathic pain to develop more effective treatments. Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) have recently gained attention due to their potential to modulate protein expression through various mechanisms. LncRNAs have been implicated in many diseases, including neuropathic pain. This study aimed to identify a novel lncRNA involved in neuropathic pain progression. The lncRNA microarray analysis showed that lncRNA Upregulated in Liver Cancer (HULC) was significantly upregulated in spinal cord tissue of sciatic nerve injury (SNI) rats. Further experiments confirmed that HULC promoted neuropathic pain progression and aggravated HO-induced Schwann cell injury. Mechanistically, Sine Oculis Homeobox 1 (SIX1) regulated the transcriptional expression of HULC, and both SIX1 and HULC were involved in neuropathic pain and Schwann cell injury. The results of our research indicate the existence of a previously unknown SIX1/HULC axis that plays a significant role in the development and progression of neuropathic pain, shedding light on the complex mechanisms that underlie this debilitating condition. These findings offer novel insights into the molecular pathways involved in neuropathic pain. This study underscores the potential of targeting lncRNAs as a viable approach to alleviate the suffering of patients with neuropathic pain.