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Papers: 25 Nov 2023 - 1 Dec 2023

2023 Nov 15

Cell Rep


Sensory neuronal STAT3 is critical for IL-31 receptor expression and inflammatory itch.


Takahashi S, Ochiai S, Jin J, Takahashi N, Toshima S, Ishigame H, Kabashima K, Kubo M, Nakayama M, Shiroguchi K, Okada T


IL-31 receptor blockade suppresses pruritus of atopic dermatitis. However, cell-type-specific contributions of IL-31 receptor to itch, its expression mechanism, and the downstream signaling pathway to induce itch remain unknown. Here, using conditional knockout mice, we demonstrate that IL-31-induced itch requires sensory neuronal IL-31 receptor and STAT3. We find that IL-31 receptor expression is dependent on STAT3 in sensory neurons. In addition, pharmacological experiments suggest that STAT3 activation is important for the itch-inducing signaling downstream of the IL-31 receptor. A cutaneous IL-31 injection induces the nuclear accumulation of activated STAT3 first in sensory neurons that abundantly express IL-31 receptor and then in other itch-transmitting neurons. IL-31 enhances itch induced by various pruritogens including even chloroquine. Finally, pruritus associated with dermatitis is partially dependent on sensory neuronal IL-31 receptor and strongly on sensory neuronal STAT3. Thus, sensory neuronal STAT3 is essential for IL-31-induced itch and further contributes to IL-31-independent inflammatory itch.