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Papers: 22 Apr 2023 - 28 Apr 2023

Basic Science

Animal Studies, In Vitro Studies, Molecular/Cellular, Pharmacology/Drug Development

2023 Apr 01

Mar Drugs




Self-Assembly Nanostructure of Myristoylated ω-Conotoxin MVIIA Increases the Duration of Efficacy and Reduces Side Effects.


Ding X, Wang Y, Zhang S, Zhang R, Chen D, Chen L, Zhang Y, Luo SZ, Xu J, Pei C


Chronic pain is one of the most prevalent health problems worldwide. An alternative to suppress or alleviate chronic pain is the use of peptide drugs that block N-type Ca channels (Ca2.2), such as ω-conotoxin MVIIA. Nevertheless, the narrow therapeutic window, severe neurological side effects and low stability associated with peptide MVIIA have restricted its widespread use. Fortunately, self-assembly endows the peptide with high stability and multiple functions, which can effectively control its release to prolong its duration of action. Inspired by this, MVIIA was modified with appropriate fatty acid chains to render it amphiphilic and easier to self-assemble. In this paper, an N-terminal myristoylated MVIIA (Myr-MVIIA, medium carbon chain length) was designed and prepared to undergo self-assembly. The present results indicated that Myr-MVIIA can self-assemble into micelles. Self-assembled micelles formed by Myr-MVIIA at higher concentrations than MVIIA can prolong the duration of the analgesic effect and significantly reduce or even eliminate the side effects of tremor and coordinated motor dysfunction in mice.