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Papers: 15 Apr 2023 - 21 Apr 2023

Basic Science, Psychology

Animal Studies, Neurobiology

Orofacial/Head Pain, Psychological/Comorbidities

2023 Apr 15

Arch Oral Biol



Repeated gentle handling or maternal deprivation during the neonatal stage increases adult male rats’ baseline orofacial pain responsiveness.


Tajabadi A, Abbasnejad M, Kooshki R, Esmaeili-Mahani S, Raoof M, Lobbezoo F


Early life experiences have been found to have a long-lasting effect on brain development in adult life. The purpose of this study was to determine whether neonatal manipulation could alter orofacial pain responsiveness in adult rats METHODS: In the first 21 days of life, male rats were exposed to gentle handling or maternal deprivation (MD) procedures to establish models of handled and MD rats, respectively. The rats were assigned to three of the following experimental groups at the age of two months: intra-dental capsaicin (100 µg), intra-lip formalin (50 µL), and repeated nitroglycerin (NTG) (5 mg/rat/ip) infusion. In addition, there were three drug vehicle groups and three groups that received capsaicin, formalin, or NTG without prior handling or MD procedures. The behaviors were recorded following the pain induction.