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Papers: 6 May 2023 - 12 May 2023

Basic Science


2023 May 03

J Biol Chem


Protein kinase A mediates modality-specific modulation of the mechanically-gated ion channel PIEZO2.


Schaefer I, Verkest C, Vespermann L, Mair T, Voß H, Zeitzschel N, Lechner SG


Protein kinase A is a downstream effector of many inflammatory mediators that induce pain hypersensitivity by increasing the mechanosensitivity of nociceptive sensory afferent. Here we examine the molecular mechanism underlying protein kinase-A-dependent modulation of the mechanically-activated ion channel PIEZO2, which confers mechanosensitivity to many nociceptors. Using phosphorylation site prediction algorithms, we identified multiple putative and highly conserved PKA phosphorylation sites located on intracellular intrinsically disordered regions of PIEZO2. Site-directed mutagenesis and patch-clamp recordings showed that substitution of one or multiple putative PKA sites within a single intracellular domain does not alter PKA-induced PIEZO2 sensitization, whereas mutation of a combination of nine putative sites located on four different intracellular regions completely abolishes PKA-dependent PIEZO2 modulation, though it remains unclear whether all or just some of these nine sites are required. By demonstrating that PIEZO1 is not modulated by PKA, our data also reveals a previously unrecognized functional difference between PIEZO1 and PIEZO2. Moreover, by demonstrating that PKA only modulates PIEZO2 currents evoked by focal mechanical indentation of the cell, but not currents evoked by pressure-induced membrane stretch, we provide evidence suggesting that PIEZO2 is a polymodal mechanosensor that engages different protein domains for detecting different types of mechanical stimuli.