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Papers: 30 Sep 2023 - 6 Oct 2023

2023 Oct 06

Neurosci Bull


Peripheral Mechanism of Cancer-Induced Bone Pain.


Yang Y, Yang W, Zhang R, Wang Y


Cancer-induced bone pain (CIBP) is a type of ongoing or breakthrough pain caused by a primary bone tumor or bone metastasis. CIBP constitutes a specific pain state with distinct characteristics; however, it shares similarities with inflammatory and neuropathic pain. At present, although various therapies have been developed for this condition, complete relief from CIBP in patients with cancer is yet to be achieved. Hence, it is urgent to study the mechanism underlying CIBP to develop efficient analgesic drugs. Herein, we focused on the peripheral mechanism associated with the initiation of CIBP, which involves tissue injury in the bone and changes in the tumor microenvironment (TME) and dorsal root ganglion. The nerve-cancer and cancer-immunocyte cross-talk in the TME creates circumstances that promote tumor growth and metastasis, ultimately leading to CIBP. The peripheral mechanism of CIBP and current treatments as well as potential therapeutic targets are discussed in this review.