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Papers: 3 Feb 2024 - 9 Feb 2024

2024 Feb 01



Pain in Parkinson disease: a deep phenotyping study.


Salabasidou E, Binder T, Volkmann J, Kuzkina A, Üçeyler N


In our prospective cross-sectional study, we comprehensively characterized Parkinson disease (PD)-related pain in monocentrically recruited patients with PD using standardized tools of pain assessment and categorization. One hundred fifty patients were systematically interviewed and filled in questionnaires for pain, depression, motor, and nonmotor symptoms. Patients with PD-related pain (PD pain), patients without PD-related pain (no PD pain), and patients without pain (no pain) were compared. Pain was present in 108/150 (72%) patients with PD, and 90/150 (60%) patients were classified as having PD-related pain. Most of the patients with PD (67/90, 74%) reported nociceptive pain, which was episodic (64/90, 71%), primarily nocturnal (56/90, 62%), and manifested as cramps (32/90, 36%). Parkinson disease-related pain was most frequently located in the feet (51/90, 57%), mainly at the toe joints (22/51, 43%). 38/90 (42%) patients with PD-related pain received analgesic medication with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs being the most frequently used (31/42, 82%) and opioids most effective (70% pain reduction of individual maximum pain intensities, range 22%-100%, confidence interval 50%-90%). All patients received oral PD treatment; however, levodopa equivalent dose showed no correlation with mean pain intensities (Spearman ρ = 0.027, P > 0.05). Our data provide a comprehensive analysis of PD-related pain, giving evidence for mainly non-neuropathic podalgia, which bears the potential to rethink assessment and analgesic treatment of pain in PD in clinical practice.