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Papers: 15 Jun 2024 - 21 Jun 2024

2024 Jun 20

Biomed Mater


Non-soluble antibacterial polyurethane based on cation mechanism and functionalized by chitosan and heparin azide.


Li S, Zhang L, Liu Y, Zhang E, Li X, Chen Z, Yu Z, Zhou H, Li Y


Nowadays, medical polyurethanes with favorable and durable antibacterial properties received more attention, because of avoiding repeated replacement of interventional materials and reducing patients’ pain. In this thesis, non-soluble antibacterial polyurethane (NAPU) based on cation antibacterial mechanism was prepared by photo-grafting chitosan azide and heparin azide into polyurethane (PU). -NH3+ of chitosan azide absorbed bacteria, inhibiting and breaking their mobility and structures. Heparin azide prevented cations from penetrating bacteria’s membranes and inhibited their growth. The results showed that chitosan azide and heparin azide were successfully grafted into PU. The highest antibacterial rate was 92.07%, cytotoxicity grade ranging from 0-1 (RGR standard) and water contact angle exhibiting 60°, attributing to cation antibacterial effect and -OH existing. Tensile strength was up to 23.91 MPa, and was suitable for using as medical materials. NAPU with long-lasting coating both possessed antibacterial properties and persistence, which can solve the problem of medical catheters’ long-term using.