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Papers: 30 Dec 2023 - 5 Jan 2024

2023 Dec 29

J Therm Biol



Non-invasive evaluation of vascular permeability in formalin-induced orofacial pain model using infrared thermography.


Solon IG, Santos WS, Jesus AA, Garcia FS, Nascimento GC, Cárnio EC, Branco LGS, Santos BM


Enhanced vascular permeability at the site of injury is a prominent feature in acute inflammatory pain models, commonly assessed through the Evans Blue test. However, this invasive test requires euthanasia, thereby precluding further investigations on the same animal. Due to these limitations, the integration of non-invasive tools such as IRT has been sought. Here, we aimed to evaluate the use of thermography in a common orofacial pain model that employs formalin as a chemical irritant to induce local orofacial inflammation. Male Hannover rats (290-300 g, N = 43) were used. In the first approach, radiometric images were taken before and after formalin administration, assessing temperature changes and extravasated Evans Blue. The second approach included capturing pre- and post-formalin test radiometric images, followed by cytokine measurements in excised vibrissae tissue. Rats were anesthetized for vibrissae tissue collection, allowing correlations between thermographic patterns, nocifensive behavior duration, and cytokine levels in this area. Our findings revealed a positive correlation between local temperature, measured via thermography, and vascular permeability in the contralateral (r = 0.3483) and ipsilateral (r = 0.4502) side, measured using spectrophotometry. The obtained data supports the notion that thermography-based temperature assessment can effectively evaluate vascular permeability in the orofacial region.