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Papers: 2 Sep 2023 - 8 Sep 2023


Human Studies, Molecular/Cellular, Neurobiology, Pharmacology/Drug Development

Neuropathic Pain, Psychological/Comorbidities

2023 Aug 29

ACS Omega




Nerve Defect Treatment with a Capping Hydroxyethyl Cellulose/Soy Protein Isolate Sponge Conduit for Painful Neuroma Prevention.


Dong Q, Ai J, Xiao A, Wu P, Wu M, Liu X, Huselstein C, Cai L, Feng X, Chen Y


Painful neuroma, as one of the complications of nerve injury from disease or trauma, results in instinctive neuropathic pain that adversely affects a patient’s quality of life. To intercept neuroma development, capping strategies have been performed as effective therapies. Nonetheless, the most appropriate biocompatible material to shield the nerves is an urgent clinical requirement. Herein, a compatible hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC)/soy protein isolate (SPI) sponge capping conduit (HSSC) is used to prevent neuroma . Following capping on the sciatic nerve stump , the behavior of the rats and the structure of tissues are compared through histological assessment and autotomy scoring. The HSSCs gained a dismal autotomy score and enhanced the amelioration, where inflammatory invasions and overdeposition of collagen are defeated. The expression of myelin growth linked genes (Krox20, MPZ, and MAG) in the HSSC group at the eighth week was almost 2 times higher than that of the no capping group. The HSSC conduit served as a physical barrier to repress the infiltration of inflammation as well as provided an optimum microenvironment for facilitating nerve rejuvenation and intercepting neuroma development during nerve amelioration.