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Papers: 17 Feb 2024 - 23 Feb 2024

2024 Jan

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Natural polyphenolic coffee extract administration relieves chronic nociplastic pain in a reserpine-induced fibromyalgia-like female mouse model.


Toledano-Martos R, Bagó-Mas A, Deulofeu M, Homs J, Fiol N, Verdú E, Boadas-Vaello P


Nociplastic pain involves reflexive and nonreflexive pain responses and it is a core symptom of fibromyalgia (FM). The increasing prevalence of this health condition and the low rates of patients’ quality of life, combined with the lack of suitable pharmacologic treatments, evidence the demand to research new alternatives. Polyphenols may be potential therapeutic candidates as they have been reported to exert pathological pain modulation in preclinical models. In that context, this work was aimed to study the antinociceptive effects of a polyphenolic extract obtained from decaffeinated ground roasted coffee, in the RIM6 FM-like mouse model.