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Papers: 7 Oct 2023 - 13 Oct 2023

2023 Oct 08

ACS Nano


Nanocrystals Slow-Releasing Ropivacaine and Doxorubicin to Synergistically Suppress Tumor Recurrence and Relieve Postoperative Pain.


Peng F, Liu J, Chen J, Wu W, Zhang Y, Zhao G, Kang Y, Gong D, He L, Wang J, Zhang W, Qiu F


Although surgical resection provides a straightforward and effective treatment for most malignant solid tumors, tumor recurrence and acute postoperative pain continue to be two big problems associated with this treatment. To resolve these problems, a nanocrystal composite slow-releasing ropivacaine and doxorubicin was fabricated in this study. Briefly, a self-assembling peptide was used to form nanoparticle complexes with the two drugs, based on which homogeneous nanocrystals were obtained by adjusting the pH. In cultured human melanoma cells, the nanocrystals exhibited improved antitumor activity due to a synergistic effect and enhanced cellular uptake of the two drugs. On the other hand, the nanocrystals could slowly release ropivacaine and , generating long-acting analgesia on the rat sciatic nerve block model and incisional pain model. On a nude mouse tumor resection model, the nanocrystals simultaneously suppressed the recurrence of solid tumor and relieved postoperative pain, indicating a potential postoperative treatment for tumor resection patients. This nanocrystal system also suggested a promising and facile strategy for developing multifunctional formulations combining different drugs, which could achieve better therapeutic outcomes in a synergistic and sustained manner.