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Papers: 20 Apr 2024 - 26 Apr 2024

2024 Apr 01

Cereb Cortex




Multi-scale analysis of acupuncture mechanisms for motor and sensory cortex activity based on SEEG data.


Chang X, Hao P, Zhang S, Dang Y, Liu A, Zheng N, Dong Z, Zhao H


Acupuncture, a traditional Chinese therapy, is gaining attention for its impact on the brain. While existing electroencephalogram and functional magnetic resonance image research has made significant contributions, this paper utilizes stereo-electroencephalography data for a comprehensive exploration of neurophysiological effects. Employing a multi-scale approach, channel-level analysis reveals notable $delta $-band activity changes during acupuncture. At the brain region level, acupuncture modulated connectivity between the paracentral lobule and the precentral gyrus. Whole-brain analysis indicates acupuncture’s influence on network organization, and enhancing $E_{glob}$ and increased interaction between the motor and sensory cortex. Brain functional reorganization is an important basis for functional recovery or compensation after central nervous system injury. The use of acupuncture to stimulate peripheral nerve trunks, muscle motor points, acupoints, etc., in clinical practice may contribute to the reorganization of brain function. This multi-scale perspective provides diverse insights into acupuncture’s effects. Remarkably, this paper pioneers the introduction of stereo-electroencephalography data, advancing our understanding of acupuncture’s mechanisms and potential therapeutic benefits in clinical settings.