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Papers: 23 Mar 2024 - 29 Mar 2024

2024 Mar 21

IEEE Trans Neural Syst Rehabil Eng



MRI Compatible Lumbopelvic Movement Measurement System to Validate and Capture Task Performance during Neuroimaging.


Song A, Sunday K, Silfies SP, Vendemia JM


Research suggests that structural and functional changes within the brain are associated with chronic low back pain, and these cortical alterations might contribute to impaired sensorimotor control of the trunk and hips in this population. However, linking sensorimotor brain changes with altered movement of the trunk and hips during task-based neuroimaging presents significant challenges. An MRI-safe pressure measurement system was developed to ensure proper task completion during neuroimaging by capturing movement patterns of the trunk (sensors under the lower back) and hips (sensors embedded in the foam roll under the knees). Pressure changes were measured outside of the scanner by digital differential pressure sensors to capture time-series data and analog pressure gauges for real-time determination of task performance occurring within an MRI bore during brain imaging. This study examined the concurrent validity of air pressure changes between the digital and analog sensors. The digital and analog data were compared in 23 participants during the performance of modified bilateral and unilateral right and left hip bridges. Spearman’s correlations were calculated for each sensor during the three bridging tasks and showed high positive correlations, indicating that over 87% of pressure change from the analog gauge can be explained by the pressure from the digital sensor. Bland-Altman plots showed no bias and mean differences were under three mmHg. This pressure system improves the rigor of future studies by validating the digital data from the system and increasing the capabilities of capturing lumbopelvic task performance occurring inside the scanner bore.