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Papers: 25 May 2024 - 31 May 2024

2024 May 22

Bioorg Chem



Molecular design, construction and analgesic mechanism insights into the novel transdermal fusion peptide ANTP-BgNPB.


Peng X, Tao H, Xia F, Zhu M, Yang M, Liu K, Hou B, Li X, Li S, He Y, Huan W, Gao F


Toad venom, a traditional Chinese medicine, exhibits remarkable medicinal properties of significant therapeutic value. The peptides present within toad venom possess a wide range of biological functions, yet the neuropeptide B (NPB) and it modification requires further exploration to comprehensively understand its mechanisms of action and potential applications. In this study, a fusion peptide, ANTP-BgNPB, was designed to possess better analgesic properties through the transdermal modification of BgNPB. After optimizing the conditions, the expression of ANTP-BgNPB was successfully induced. The molecular dynamics simulations suggested that the modified protein exhibited improved stability and receptor binding affinity compared to its unmodified form. The analysis of the active site of ANTP-BgNPB and the verification of mutants revealed that GLN3, SER38, and ARG42 were crucial for the protein’s recognition and binding with G protein-coupled receptor 7 (GPR7). Moreover, experiments conducted on mice using the hot plate and acetic acid twist body models demonstrated that ANTP-BgNPB was effective in transdermal analgesia. These findings represent significant progress in the development of transdermal delivery medications and could have a significant impact on pain management.