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Papers: 29 Jun 2024 - 5 Jul 2024

2024 Jun 19



Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Fatigue in Sjögren’s Disease.


Kurien BT, Ice JA, Wood R, Pharaoh G, Cavett J, Lewis V, Bhaskaran S, Rasmussen A, Lessard CJ, Farris AD, Sivils KL, Koelsch KA, Van Remmen H, Scofield RH


Sjögren’s disease (SjD) is a common exocrine disorder typified by chronic inflammation and dryness, but also profound fatigue, suggesting a pathological basis in cellular bioenergetics. In healthy states, damaged or dysfunctional mitochondrial components are broken down and recycled by mitophagy, a specialized form of autophagy. In many autoimmune disorders, however, evidence suggests that dysfunctional mitophagy allows poorly functioning mitochondria to persist and contribute to a cellular milieu with elevated reactive oxygen species. We hypothesized that mitophagic processes are dysregulated in SjD and that dysfunctional mitochondria contribute to overall fatigue. We sought to link fatigue with mitochondrial dysfunction directly in SjD, heretofore unexamined, and further sought to assess the pathogenic extent and implications of dysregulated mitophagy in SjD.