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Papers: 20 Apr 2024 - 26 Apr 2024

2024 Apr 18

Cell Rep




Editor's Pick

Macrophage memories of early-life injury drive neonatal nociceptive priming.


Dourson AJ, Fadaka AO, Warshak AM, Paranjpe A, Weinhaus B, Queme LF, Hofmann MC, Evans HM, Donmez OA, Forney C, Weirauch MT, Kottyan LC, Lucas D, Deepe GS, Jankowski MP


The developing peripheral nervous and immune systems are functionally distinct from those of adults. These systems are vulnerable to early-life injury, which influences outcomes related to nociception following subsequent injury later in life (i.e., “neonatal nociceptive priming”). The underpinnings of this phenomenon are unclear, although previous work indicates that macrophages are trained by inflammation and injury. Our findings show that macrophages are both necessary and partially sufficient to drive neonatal nociceptive priming, possibly due to a long-lasting remodeling in chromatin structure. The p75 neurotrophic factor receptor is an important effector in regulating neonatal nociceptive priming through modulation of the inflammatory profile of rodent and human macrophages. This “pain memory” is long lasting in females and can be transferred to a naive host to alter sex-specific pain-related behaviors. This study reveals a mechanism by which acute, neonatal post-surgical pain drives a peripheral immune-related predisposition to persistent pain following a subsequent injury.