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Papers: 8 Jun 2024 - 14 Jun 2024

2024 Jun 11

J Headache Pain




Longitudinal neurofunctional changes in medication overuse headache patients after mindfulness practice in a randomized controlled trial (the MIND-CM study).


Fedeli D, Ciullo G, Demichelis G, Medina Carrion JP, Bruzzone MG, Ciusani E, Erbetta A, Ferraro S, Grisoli M, Guastafierro E, D'Amico D, Raggi A, Nigri A, Grazzi L


Mindfulness practice has gained interest in the management of Chronic Migraine associated with Medication Overuse Headache (CM-MOH). Mindfulness is characterized by present-moment self-awareness and relies on attention control and emotion regulation, improving headache-related pain management. Mindfulness modulates the Default Mode Network (DMN), Salience Network (SN), and Fronto-Parietal Network (FPN) functional connectivity. However, the neural mechanisms underlying headache-related pain management with mindfulness are still unclear. In this study, we tested neurofunctional changes after mindfulness practice added to pharmacological treatment as usual in CM-MOH patients.