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Papers: 30 Dec 2023 - 5 Jan 2024

2024 Jan 02

Hum Cell


Long noncoding RNA small nucleolar RNA host gene 5 facilitates neuropathic pain in spinal nerve injury by promoting SCN9A expression via CDK9.


Wang C, Chen R, Zhu X, Zhang X, Lian N


This study aims to explore the functions and mechanisms of long noncoding RNA small nucleolar RNA host gene 5 (SNHG5) in chronic constriction injury (CCI)-induced neuropathic pain (NP). An NP rat model was established using the CCI method and the NP severity was evaluated by paw withdrawal threshold (PWT) and paw withdrawal latency (PWL). The expression of SNHG5, CDK9, and SCN9A was quantified in rat dorsal root ganglion, in addition to the detections of apoptosis, pathological changes, neuron number, and the co-localization of Nav1.7 and cleaved caspase-3 with NeuN. In ND7/23 cells, the apoptosis and lactate dehydrogenase concentration were assessed, as well as the relationship between SNHG5, CDK9, and SCN9A. In the dorsal root ganglion of CCI-treated rats, SNHG5 and SCN9A were upregulated and downregulation of SNHG5 suppressed SCN9A expression, increased the PWT and PWL, blocked neuroinflammation and neuronal apoptosis, and alleviated NP. Mechanistically, SNHG5 recruited CDK9 to enhance SCN9A-encoded Nav1.7 expression and promoted peripheral neuronal apoptosis and injury. In addition, SCN9A overexpression nullified the alleviative effects of SNHG5 deficiency on NP and neuron loss in CCI rats. In conclusion, SNHG5 promotes SCN9A-encoded Nav1.7 expression by recruiting CDK9, thereby facilitating neuron loss and NP after spinal nerve injury, which may offer a promising target for the management of NP.