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Papers: 9 Sep 2023 - 15 Sep 2023


Human Studies, Neurobiology


2023 Sep 14

Am J Clin Hypn


Immediate hypnosis effects and outcome predictors in chronic nociplastic pain.


Kaczmarska AD, Rutkowski K, Mielimąka M


This study used data from a randomized controlled trial on the efficacy of hypnosis with analgesic suggestions relative to hypnosis with nonspecific suggestions to explore two areas. The first was the immediate effects of each hypnosis session and their relevance to the treatment induced change in pain intensity. The second was the identification of variables associated with the beneficial effects of hypnosis treatment in the form of reducing pain intensity and pain quality. The predictive value of the initial treatment response, hypnotizability, and the dichotomous variable of pain medication use were examined. Both interventions resulted in similar significant reductions in pain intensity after each session, but without a cumulative effect. The initial response correlated positively and moderately with pain intensity decreases induced by the complete hypnosis treatment. There was only a weak association between hypnotizability and pain quality improvement. Only participants not taking pain medications achieved a meaningful reduction in pain outcomes. Each hypnosis session results in an immediate reduction in chronic nociplastic pain intensity, and a fruitful first session may be a positive signal to continue therapy. Even patients with low hypnotizability can obtain beneficial outcomes. Pain medication use may become a new predictor in hypnosis research, as significant decreases in pain intensity and pain quality occurred only in the absence of pharmacotherapy. However, the results of this study require confirmation in further research with longer treatment periods.