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Papers: 10 Feb 2024 - 16 Feb 2024

2024 Feb 09

J Phys Chem B


Highly Efficient Loading of Procaine on Water-Soluble Carbon Dots toward Long-Acting Anesthesia.


Bai Y, Xu H, Wang H, Fan Y, Li X, Li Y, Fan L, Zhang Y, Qi L, Li Y


Safe and efficient local anesthetic delivery carriers are crucial for long-term anesthesia and analgesics in clinical treatment. But currently, most of the local anesthetic carriers still have some disadvantages such as low drug-loading capacity, drug leakage, and potential side effects. Here, we report red-emissive carbon dots (Cys-CDs) synthesized by choosing cysteine and citric acid as precursors, which contain a large and intact sp-domain with rich hydrophilic groups around the edge. The special structure of Cys-CDs is conducive to the efficient loading of procaine (PrC) via strong π-π stacking interactions. Based on the strong noncovalent interactions between them, the PrC loaded on Cys-CDs achieved slow release in vitro and had a long-lasting nerve blocking effect in vivo, which is 4-fold more than that of free PrC. More importantly, PrC/Cys-CDs do not cause any toxicity and inflammation during treatment owing to slow release of PrC and good water solubility of Cys-CDs, thus demonstrating the potential clinical application of CDs in long-lasting analgesia.