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Papers: 1 Jun 2024 - 7 Jun 2024

2024 Jun 21





Functional remodeling of presynaptic voltage-gated calcium channels in superficial layers of the dorsal horn during neuropathic pain.


Ferron L, Harding EK, Gandini MA, Brideau C, Stys PK, Zamponi GW


N- and P/Q-type voltage-gated Ca channels are critical for synaptic transmission. While their expression is increased in the dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neuron cell bodies during neuropathic pain conditions, less is known about their synaptic remodeling. Here, we combined genetic tools with 2-photon Ca imaging to explore the functional remodeling that occurs in central presynaptic terminals of DRG neurons during neuropathic pain. We imaged GCaMP6s fluorescence responses in an spinal cord preparation from mice expressing GCaMP6s in Trpv1-Cre lineage nociceptors. We show that Ca transient amplitude is increased in central terminals of these neurons after spared nerve injury, and that this increase is mediated by both N- and P/Q-type channels. We found that GABA-B receptor-dependent inhibition of Ca transients was potentiated in the superficial layer of the dorsal horn. Our results provide direct evidence toward nerve injury-induced functional remodeling of presynaptic Ca channels in Trpv1-lineage nociceptor terminals.