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Papers: 24 Jun 2023 - 30 Jun 2023

Pediatric, Psychology

Human Studies


2023 Jun 02

Children (Basel)




Expressed Beliefs about the Cause of Pain in a Pediatric Population: A Qualitative Study.


Menés Fernández L, Salvat I, Adillón C


(1) Background: The aims of this study are to explore what beliefs children and adolescents manifest about the cause of the pain they describe, to compare whether there are differences between beliefs by age and the persistence of pain, and to relate the explanations of the cause of pain with current scientific evidence. (2) Methods: a cross-sectional qualitative study was used. The primary endpoint of the study was obtaining explanations of the cause of pain recorded by means of an open-ended question. The participants were school-age children attending a charted school in the province of Barcelona. (3) Results: The children and adolescents proposed a diverse range of explanations for the cause of pain that they reported in their responses. The most frequent explanation for the cause of pain were pathologies and injuries (45.95%), ergonomic issues (22.60%) and psychological issues (15.95%). (4) Conclusions: There is a lot of variety in the explanations that young people give about the cause of their pain in schoolchildren aged between 10 and 16 years old. There exists a high prevalence of explanations non-associated with tissue damage (ENAD) concerning the causes of pain described. It is necessary that future health prevention programs dedicated to early ages consider which beliefs about the cause of pain are the most frequent in the pediatric population.