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Papers: 3 Feb 2024 - 9 Feb 2024


Handb Clin Neurol



Emerging and future directions of migraine research and treatment.


Chiang CC, Dodick DW


Despite many migraine-specific treatments that became available over the past 5 years, many patients still suffer from debilitating migraine. Emerging and future directions of migraine research and treatment should consider different aspects including revising the headache diagnostic criteria to reflect disease burden and prognosis, developing biomarkers, including genetic, serum, imaging, and deep phenotyping biomarkers to facilitate personalized medicine for headache treatment. Additionally, research should also emphasize identifying novel treatment targets for drug development. In this chapter, we provide an overview of current studies and controversies in the diagnosis of migraine and available research on potential migraine biomarkers. We also discuss potential treatment targets for migraine, including CGRP, PACAP, orexin, non-μ opioid receptors, nitric oxide, BK channel, K channel, amylin, TRP channels, prolactin, PAR-2, and other potential targets.