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Papers: 15 Jun 2024 - 21 Jun 2024

2024 Jun 01





DN4 questionnaire as a useful tool for evaluating the pharmacotherapeutic response to opioid pharmacotherapy in malignant neuropathy.


Krtinic D, Rankovic GN, Petkovic I, Cvetanovic A, Conic I, Mitic MT, Radic M, Cevrljakovic M, Golubovic ST, Binic I, Apostolovic MA, Jovanovic H, Trajkovic H, Milijasevic D, Mladenovic N, Lukic R


Tapentadol is a drug of choice for neuropathic cancer pain. questionnaire quickly determines neuropathic pain component. The aim of this study is to determine the correlation between neuropathic malignant pain component by applying tapentadol antidolorose pharmacotherapy in combination with palliative radiotherapy of osseous neuropathic metastatic changes in breast cancer patients before and after palliative radiotherapy. The first patients group comprised 30 patients with primary breast cancer and proved painful bone secondary deposits with neuropathy for which tapentadol was prescribed, and they underwent palliative radiotherapy. The second group comprised 30 patients with primary breast cancer and proved painful bone metastases with neuropathy treated only with palliative antidolorose radiotherapy. : After two-months-follow up, tapentadol group patients had lower DN4 score values (Z=2,021; p=0.043). Significantly lower number of tapentadol group patients was without neuropathic pain after a three-month-follow up (χ ²=5,711; p=0.017). Significantly greater number of tapentadol group patients had best ECOG score 0 ( χ² =7,486; p=0.023). There was statistically significant positive correlation between tapentadol dose and DN4 score in patients after a month (ρ=0,471; p=0.009) and three months after the radiotherapy completion (ρ=0,610; p<0.001). Tapentadol is an opioid analgesic efficient for neuropathy relief in these patients and DN4 questionnaire is an efficient pharmacotherapy tool.