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Papers: 22 Jun 2024 - 28 Jun 2024

2024 Jun 24

Sci Rep




Defining well-being in psoriasis: A Delphi consensus among healthcare professionals and patients.


Daudén E, Belinchón I, Colominas-González E, Coto P, de la Cueva P, Gallardo F, Poveda JL, Ramírez E, Ros S, Ruíz-Villaverde R, Comellas M, Lizán L


Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that negatively impacts on patient’s life. A holistic approach integrating well-being assessment could improve disease management. Since a consensus definition of well-being in psoriasis is not available, we aim to achieve a multidisciplinary consensus on well-being definition and its components. A literature review and consultation with psoriasis patients facilitated the design of a two-round Delphi questionnaire targeting healthcare professionals and psoriasis patients. A total of 261 panellists (65.1% patients with psoriasis, 34.9% healthcare professionals) agreed on the dimensions and components that should integrate the concept of well-being: emotional dimension (78.9%) [stress (83.9%), mood disturbance (85.1%), body image (83.9%), stigma/shame (75.1%), self-esteem (77.4%) and coping/resilience (81.2%)], physical dimension (82.0%) [sleep quality (81.6%), pain/discomfort (80.8%), itching (83.5%), extracutaneous manifestations (82.8%), lesions in visible areas (84.3%), lesions in functional areas (85.8%), and sex life (78.2%)], social dimension (79.5%) [social relationships (80.8%), leisure/recreational activities (80.3%), support from family/friends (76.6%) and work/academic life (76.5%)], and satisfaction with disease management (78.5%) [treatment (78.2%), information received (75.6%) and medical care provided by the dermatologist (80.1%)]. This well-being definition reflects patients’ needs and concerns. Therefore, addressing them in psoriasis will optimise management, contributing to better outcomes and restoring normalcy to the patient’s life.