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Papers: 23 Mar 2024 - 29 Mar 2024

2024 Mar 08

J Vis Exp



Chronic Constriction Injury of the Distal Infraorbital Nerve (DIoN-CCI) in Mice to Study Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain.


Deseure KR, Hans GH


Animal models remain necessary tools to study neuropathic pain. This manuscript describes the distal infraorbital nerve chronic constriction injury (DIoN-CCI) model to study trigeminal neuropathic pain in mice. This includes the surgical procedures to perform the chronic constriction injury and the postoperative behavioral tests to evaluate the changes in spontaneous and evoked behavior that are signs of ongoing pain and mechanical allodynia. The methods and behavioral readouts are similar to the infraorbital nerve chronic constriction injury (IoN-CCI) model in rats. However, important changes are necessary for the adaptation of the IoN-CCI model to mice. First, the intra-orbital approach is replaced by a more rostral approach with an incision between the eye and the whisker pad. The IoN is thus ligated distally outside the orbital cavity. Secondly, due to the higher locomotor activity in mice, allowing rats to move freely in small cages is replaced by placing mice in custom-designed and constructed restraining devices. After DIoN ligation, mice exhibit changes in spontaneous behavior and in response to von Frey hair stimulation that are similar to those in IoN-CCI rats, i.e., increased directed face grooming and hyperresponsiveness to von Frey hair stimulation of the IoN territory.