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Papers: 11 May 2024 - 17 May 2024

2024 May 11

Braz J Anesthesiol


Cannabinoid products for pain management: recommendations from the São Paulo State Society of Anesthesiology.


de Barros GAM, Pos AM, Sousa ÂM, Pereira CL, Nobre CDA, Palmeira CCA, Caruy CAA, Munhoz DC, Kraychete DC, Avelar ECQ, Fukushima FB, Garcia JBS, Torres JNL, Rodrigues KA, Palladini M, Neto OHC, Carmona MJC


There is growing interest in using cannabinoids across various clinical scenarios, including pain medicine, leading to the disregard of regulatory protocols in some countries. Legislation has been implemented in Brazil, specifically in the state of São Paulo, permitting the distribution of cannabinoid products by health authorities for clinical purposes, free of charge for patients, upon professional prescription. Thus, it is imperative to assess the existing evidence regarding the efficacy and safety of these products in pain management. In light of this, the São Paulo State Society of Anesthesiology (SAESP) established a task force to conduct a narrative review on the topic using the Delphi method, requiring a minimum agreement of 60% among panelists. The study concluded that cannabinoid products could potentially serve as adjuncts in pain management but stressed the importance of judicious prescription. Nevertheless, this review advises against their use for acute pain and cancer-related pain. In other clinical scenarios, established treatments should take precedence, particularly when clinical protocols are available, such as in neuropathic pain. Only patients exhibiting poor therapeutic responses to established protocols or demonstrating intolerance to recommended management may be considered as potential candidates for cannabinoids, which should be prescribed by physicians experienced in handling these substances. Special attention should be given to individual patient characteristics and the likelihood of drug interactions.