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Papers: 9 Dec 2023 - 15 Dec 2023

2023 Dec 11



Astrocyte PERK and IRE1 Signaling Contributes to Morphine Tolerance and Hyperalgesia through Upregulation of Lipocalin-2 and NLRP3 Inflammasome in the Rodent Spinal Cord.


Wang B, Wang LN, Wu B, Guo R, Zhang L, Zhang JT, Wang ZH, Wu F, Feng Y, Liu H, Jin XH, Miao XH, Liu T


Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress plays a crucial role in the pathogenesis of neuroinflammation and chronic pain. Herein, we hypothesized that PRKR-like endoplasmic reticulum kinase (PERK) and Inositol-requiring enzyme type 1 (IRE1) regulate Lipocalin-2 (LCN2) and Nod-like receptor family pyrin domain containing 3 (NLRP3) expression in astrocytes, thereby contributing to morphine tolerance and hyperalgesia.