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Papers: 10 Feb 2024 - 16 Feb 2024

2024 Jan 30

Int J Mol Sci




Associations between Cerebrovascular Function and the Expression of Genes Related to Endothelial Function in Hormonal Migraine.


Dzator JSA, Smith RA, Coupland KG, Howe PRC, Griffiths LR


There is evidence to suggest that hormonal migraine is associated with altered cerebrovascular function. We aimed to investigate whether the expression of genes related to endothelial function in venous blood (1) might influence cerebrovascular function, (2) differs between hormonal migraineur and non-migraineur women, and (3) changes following resveratrol supplementation. This study utilised data obtained from 87 women (59 hormonal migraineurs and 28 controls) where RNA from venous blood was used to quantify gene expression and transcranial Doppler ultrasound was used to evaluate cerebrovascular function. Spearman’s correlation analyses were performed between gene expression, cerebrovascular function, and migraine-related disability. We compared the expression of genes associated with endothelial function between migraineurs and non-migraineurs, and between resveratrol and placebo. The expression of several genes related to endothelial function was associated with alterations in cerebrovascular function. Notably, the expression of was associated with increased neurovascular coupling capacity ( = 0.013), and both ( = 0.035) and ( = 0.014) expression were associated with increased cerebral blood flow velocity in the overall study population. Additionally, expression correlated with decreased pulsatility index (a measure of cerebral arterial stiffness) ( = 0.009) and headache impact test-6 scores ( = 0.007) in the migraineurs. No significant differences in gene expression were observed between migraineurs and controls, or between placebo and resveratrol treatments in migraineurs. Thus, altering the expression of genes related to endothelial function may improve cerebrovascular function and decrease migraine-related disability.