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Papers: 28 Oct 2023 - 3 Nov 2023

2023 Oct 30

Mol Pain


Assessment of Pain-Related Behaviors in HIV-1 Transgenic Rats as a Model of HIV-Associated Chronic Pain.


Gryshyna AE, Chatterjee T, Deberry J, Aggarwal S


Human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV)-associated chronic pain is a debilitating comorbid condition that affects 25-85% of people with HIV. The use of opioids to alleviate pain has given rise to opioid dependency in this cohort. Therefore, there is an urgent need to understand mechanisms and identify novel therapeutics for HIV-associated chronic pain. Several animal models have been developed to study HIV-related comorbidities. HIV-1 transgenic (Tg) rats have been shown to serve as a reliable model that mimic the deficits observed in people with HIV, such as neurological and immune system alterations. However, pain-related behavior in these animals has not been extensively evaluated. In this study, we measured evoked and spontaneous behavior in HIV-1Tg male and female rats. The results indicated that HIV-1Tg rats exhibit similar behavior to those with HIV-1-related neuropathy, specifically, cold sensitivity. Consequently, HIV-1Tg rats can serve as a model of neuropathy to study pain-related mechanisms and therapeutics targeted toward individuals living with HIV-1.