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Papers: 29 Jul 2023 - 4 Aug 2023

2023 Jul 31

ACS Appl Mater Interfaces


Apoptotic Neutrophil Membrane-Camouflaged Liposomes for Dually Targeting Synovial Macrophages and Fibroblasts to Attenuate Osteoarthritis.


Deng C, Chen Y, Zhao X, Yu L, Xiao Y, Li H, Zhang Y, Ai K, Zhou D, Bai X, Gong T, Wei J, Zeng C, Lei G


No current pharmacological approach is capable of simultaneously inhibiting the symptomatology and structural progression of osteoarthritis. M1 macrophages and activated synovial fibroblasts (SFs) mutually contribute to the propagation of joint pain and cartilage destruction in osteoarthritis. Here, we report the engineering of an apoptotic neutrophil membrane-camouflaged liposome (termed “NM@Lip”) for precise delivery of triamcinolone acetonide (TA) by dually targeting M1 macrophages and activated SFs in osteoarthritic joints. NM@Lip has a high cellular uptake in M1 macrophages and activated SFs. Furthermore, TA-loaded NM@Lip (TA-NM@Lip) effectively repolarizes M1 macrophages to the M2 phenotype and transforms pathological SFs to the deactivated phenotype by inhibiting the PI3K/Akt pathway. NM@Lip retains in the joint for up to 28 days and selectively distributes into M1 macrophages and activated SFs in synovium with low distribution in cartilage. TA-NM@Lip decreases the levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines, chemokines, and cartilage-degrading enzymes in osteoarthritic joints. In a rodent model of osteoarthritis-related pain, a single intra-articular TA-NM@Lip injection attenuates synovitis effectively and achieves complete pain relief with long-lasting effects. In a rodent model of osteoarthritis-related joint degeneration, repeated intra-articular TA-NM@Lip injections induce no obvious cartilage damage and effectively attenuate cartilage degeneration. Taken together, TA-NM@Lip represents a promising nanotherapeutic approach for osteoarthritis therapy.