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Papers: 20 Jan 2024 - 26 Jan 2024

2024 Jan 19

J Headache Pain




Anti-CGRP antibody galcanezumab modifies the function of the trigeminovascular nocisensor complex in the rat.


Friedrich N, Németh K, Tanner M, Rosta J, Dobos I, Oszlács O, Jancsó G, Messlinger K, Dux M


Monoclonal antibodies directed against the neuropeptide calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) are effective in the prevention of chronic and frequent episodic migraine. Since the antibodies do not cross the blood brain barrier, their antinociceptive effect is attributed to effects in meningeal tissues. We aimed to probe if such an antibody can be visualized within the dura mater and the trigeminal ganglia following its administration to rats and to examine if the activity of the trigeminovascular nocisensor complex is influenced by this treatment.