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Papers: 13 April 2024 - 19 April 2024

2024 Mar 29

Int J Mol Sci




An Overview on the Big Players in Bone Tissue Engineering: Biomaterials, Scaffolds and Cells.


Ferraz MP


Presently, millions worldwide suffer from degenerative and inflammatory bone and joint issues, comprising roughly half of chronic ailments in those over 50, leading to prolonged discomfort and physical limitations. These conditions become more prevalent with age and lifestyle factors, escalating due to the growing elderly populace. Addressing these challenges often entails surgical interventions utilizing implants or bone grafts, though these treatments may entail complications such as pain and tissue death at donor sites for grafts, along with immune rejection. To surmount these challenges, tissue engineering has emerged as a promising avenue for bone injury repair and reconstruction. It involves the use of different biomaterials and the development of three-dimensional porous matrices and scaffolds, alongside osteoprogenitor cells and growth factors to stimulate natural tissue regeneration. This review compiles methodologies that can be used to develop biomaterials that are important in bone tissue replacement and regeneration. Biomaterials for orthopedic implants, several scaffold types and production methods, as well as techniques to assess biomaterials’ suitability for human use-both in laboratory settings and within living organisms-are discussed. Even though researchers have had some success, there is still room for improvements in their processing techniques, especially the ones that make scaffolds mechanically stronger without weakening their biological characteristics. Bone tissue engineering is therefore a promising area due to the rise in bone-related injuries.