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Papers: 8 Jul 2023 - 14 Jul 2023

Basic Science

In Silico Studies, Molecular/Cellular, Pharmacology/Drug Development


2023 Jul 10

J Phys Chem B


ALX/FPR2 Activation by Stereoisomers of D1 Resolvins Elucidating with Molecular Dynamics Simulation.


Nunes VS, Abrahão O, Rogério AP, Serhan CN


Chronic inflammation contributes to several diseases, but its resolution is driven by specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPM) such as resolvin D1 (RvD1) and its epimer aspirin-triggered resolvin D1 (AT-RvD1), both biosynthesized from ω-3 fatty docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). RvD1 and AT-RvD1 have anti-inflammatory and pro-resolution potentials, and their effects could be mediated by formyl peptide receptor type 2 receptor ALX/FPR2, a G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR). In this work, we performed 44 μs of molecular dynamics simulations with two complexes: FPR2@AT-RvD1 and FPR2@RvD1. Our results show the following: (i) in the AT-RvD1 simulations, the ALX/FPR2 receptor remained in the active state in 62% of the frames, while in the RVD1 simulations, the receptor remained in the active state in 74% of the frames; (ii) two residues, R201 and R205, of ALX/FPR2 appear, establishing interactions with both resolvins in all simulations (22 in total); (iii) RvD1 hydrogen bonds with R201 and R205 presented higher frequency than AT-RvD1; and (iv) residues R201 and R205 are the two receptor hotspots, demonstrated by the binding free calculations. Such results show that the ALX/FPR2 receptor remained in the active state for longer in the FPR2@RvD1 simulations than in the FPR2@AT-RvD1 simulations.