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Papers: 15 Jun 2024 - 21 Jun 2024

2024 Jun 11

J Biomech



A study on the effects of visual condition on postural stability in adults with and without chronic low back pain.


Sung PS, Lee D


This study was conducted to compare postural stability during repeated unilateral standing tasks between adults with and without chronic low back pain (LBP) while considering visual input. The study involved 26 participants with LBP and 39 control participants. Each participant performed three trials of standing tasks on the dominant limb using a stable platform. The Falls Efficacy Scale was utilized to assess fall-related self-efficacy and fear of falling due to potential physical frailty. The center of pressure (COP) sway excursion was analyzed at 10 mm and 20 mm thresholds for the time-in-boundary (TIB). The results indicated a significant fear of falling difference in the LBP group compared to the control group (t = 3.27, p = 0.001). The LBP group demonstrated a significant interaction between visual condition and TIB (F = 8.45, p = 0.01), particularly in the LBP group, which demonstrated a notable decrease in TIB at 10 mm (54.02 % compared to the control group’s 70.40 %) and 20 mm (70.93 % compared to the control group’s 85.92 %) thresholds during the second trial and at 10 mm (59.73 % compared to the control group’s 73.84 %) during the third trial in the eyes open condition. Overall, visual condition demonstrated significant interactions on thresholds (F = 15.80, p = 0.001, ηp = 0.21) as well as trials  ×  thresholds (F = 4.21, p = 0.04, ηp = 0.07). These findings indicate a potential adaptation in postural control among the LBP group with visual feedback. Further research is warranted to explore group differences when considering visual conditions and sway excursion thresholds.