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Papers: 25 Feb 2023 - 3 Mar 2023

Education, Review

Human Studies

2023 Feb 23

Br J Nurs




A review of chronic pain education for UK undergraduate nurses.


Grey C


Chronic pain is a common complaint within health care and staff can face difficulties in caring for affected patients. It has been recommended that training in chronic pain should be within health professionals’ educational curriculum. However, despite this recommendation and a free pain curriculum being available, undergraduate nursing courses still have a low number of hours dedicated to pain education. Factors that affect undergraduate nurses are: disparity about whether pain should be taught by theoretical content in the university or by health professionals in clinical placements, the movement towards interprofessional learning in an already crowded curriculum, and the lack of clarity about how to assess students on their knowledge. This review recommends that chronic pain needs to be specifically defined as a learning outcome with a recognised assessment on a generic undergraduate nursing module to ensure all students are exposed to it.