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Papers: 23 Mar 2024 - 29 Mar 2024

2024 Mar 23

J Nanobiotechnology




A novel microglia-targeting strategy based on nanoparticle-mediated delivery of miR-26a-5p for long-lasting analgesia in chronic pain.


Lu Y, Liu S, Wang P, Guo X, Qin Z, Hou H, Tao T


Accumulating evidence supports the notion that microglia play versatile roles in different chronic pain conditions. However, therapeutic strategies of chronic pain by targeting microglia remain largely overlooked. This study seeks to develop a miRNA-loaded nano-delivery system by targeting microglia, which could provide a decent and long-lasting analgesia for chronic pain. Surface aminated mesoporous silica nanoparticles were adopted to load miR-26a-5p, a potent analgesic miRNA, by electrostatic adsorption, which can avoid miR-26a-5p is rapidly released and degraded. Then, targeting peptide MG1 was modified on the surface of aminated mesoporous silica particles for microglia targeting. In peripheral nerve injury induced neuropathic pain model, a satisfactory anti-allodynia effect with about 6 weeks pain-relief duration were achieved through targeting microglia strategy, which decreased microglia activation and inflammation by Wnt5a, a non-canonical Wnt pathway. In inflammatory pain and chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathic pain, microglia targeting strategy also exhibited more efficient analgesia and longer pain-relief duration than others. Overall, we developed a microglia-targeting nano-delivery system, which facilitates precisely miR-26a-5p delivery to enhance analgesic effect and duration for several chronic pain conditions.