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Papers: 15 Jul 2023 - 21 Jul 2023

Basic Science

In Silico Studies, Neuroimaging


2023 Jul 15

J Theor Biol


A model of neurovascular coupling and its application to cortical spreading depolarization.


Cao J, Grover P, Kainerstorfer JM


Cortical spreading depolarization (CSD) is a neuropathological condition involving propagating waves of neuronal silence, and is related to multiple diseases, such as migraine aura, traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, and cardiac arrest, as well as poor outcome of patients. While CSDs of different severity share similar roots on the ion exchange level, they can lead to different vascular responses (namely spreading hyperemia and spreading ischemia). In this paper, we propose a mathematical model relating neuronal activities to predict vascular changes as measured with near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) and fMRI recordings, and apply it to the extreme case of CSD, where sustained near-complete neuronal depolarization is seen. We utilize three serially connected models (namely, ion exchange, neurovascular coupling, and hemodynamic model) which are described by differential equations. Propagating waves of ion concentrations, as well as the associated vasodynamics and hemodynamics, are simulated by solving these equations. Our proposed model predicts vasodynamics and hemodynamics that agree both qualitatively and quantitatively with experimental literature. Mathematical modeling and simulation offer a powerful tool to help understand the underlying mechanisms of CSD and help interpret the data. In addition, it helps develop novel monitoring techniques prior to data collection. Our simulated results strongly suggest that fMRI is unable to reliably distinguish between spreading hyperemia and spreading ischemia, while NIRS signals are substantially distinct in the two cases.