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Papers: 8 Jun 2024 - 14 Jun 2024

2024 Jun 03

J Colloid Interface Sci



A biomimetic lubricating nanosystem for synergistic therapy of osteoarthritis.


Gong P, Wang M, Wang J, Li J, Wang B, Bai X, Liu J, Liu Z, Wang D, Liu W


Failure of articular cartilage lubrication and inflammation are the main causes of osteoarthritis (OA), and integrated treatment realizing joint lubrication and anti-inflammation is becoming the most effective treat model. Inspired by low friction of human synovial fluid and adhesive chemical effect of mussels, our work reports a biomimetic lubricating system that realizes long-time lubrication, photothermal responsiveness and anti-inflammation property. To build the system, a dopamine-mediated strategy is developed to controllably graft hyaluronic acid on the surface of metal organic framework. The design constructs a biomimetic core-shell structure that has good dispersity and stability in water with a high drug loading ratio of 99%. Temperature of the solution rapidly increases to 55 °C under near-infrared light, and the hard-soft lubricating system well adheres to wear surfaces, and greatly reduces frictional coefficient by 75% for more than 7200 times without failure. Cell experiments show that the nanosystem enters cells by endocytosis, and releases medication in a sustained manner. The anti-inflammatory outcomes validate that the nanosystem prevents the progression of OA by down-regulating catabolic proteases and pain-related genes and up-regulating genes that are anabolic in cartilage. The study provides a bioinspired strategy to employ metal organic framework with controlled surface and structure for friction reduction and anti-inflammation, and develops a new concept of OA synergistic therapy model for practical applications.