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Papers: 24 Feb 2024 - 1 Mar 2024

2024 Feb 14





4-(Phenylselanyl)-2H-chromen-2-one-Loaded Nanocapsule Suspension-A Promising Breakthrough in Pain Management: Comprehensive Molecular Docking, Formulation Design, and Toxicological and Pharmacological Assessments in Mice.


da Fonseca CAR, Prado VC, Paltian JJ, Kazmierczak JC, Schumacher RF, Sari MHM, Cordeiro LM, da Silva AF, Soares FAA, Oliboni RDS, Luchese C, Cruz L, Wilhelm EA


Therapies for the treatment of pain and inflammation continue to pose a global challenge, emphasizing the significant impact of pain on patients’ quality of life. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the effects of 4-(Phenylselanyl)-2H-chromen-2-one (4-PSCO) on pain-associated proteins through computational molecular docking tests. A new pharmaceutical formulation based on polymeric nanocapsules was developed and characterized. The potential toxicity of 4-PSCO was assessed using and mice, and its pharmacological actions through acute nociception and inflammation tests were also assessed. Our results demonstrated that 4-PSCO, in its free form, exhibited high affinity for the selected receptors, including p38 MAP kinase, peptidyl arginine deiminase type 4, phosphoinositide 3-kinase, Janus kinase 2, toll-like receptor 4, and nuclear factor-kappa β. Both free and nanoencapsulated 4-PSCO showed no toxicity in nematodes and mice. Parameters related to oxidative stress and plasma markers showed no significant change. Both treatments demonstrated antinociceptive and anti-edematogenic effects in the glutamate and hot plate tests. The nanoencapsulated form exhibited a more prolonged effect, reducing mechanical hypersensitivity in an inflammatory pain model. These findings underscore the promising potential of 4-PSCO as an alternative for the development of more effective and safer drugs for the treatment of pain and inflammation.