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2023 Jan 20

Medicine (Baltimore)



Burning mouth syndrome and pelvodynia: A literature review.


Hamon B, Orliaguet M, Misery L, Boisramé S
Medicine (Baltimore). 2023 Jan 20; 102(3):e32648.
PMID: 36701734.


Burning mouth syndrome (BMS) and pelvodynia are chronic pain still poorly understood and the links between them are all the more so. Health professionals therefore have few resources to understand, diagnose and treat these pains. They may consider and treat these ailments individually, which does not represent optimal care management for the patient and leads to overmedication. This article aims to highlight their contiguity from epidemiological, etiological, diagnostic, and therapeutic perspectives. This study was based on articles which were found using databases such as PubMed and Web of Science. No exclusion criteria were used. Fourteen studies were reviewed. This present work shows that the clinical presentations of these syndromes are similar, as exemplified by their strong association with anxiety and depression. The neurophysiological mechanisms involved in these conditions are similar to those in patients. The diagnosis is essentially based on visual examination and an elimination of all other possible causes. In addition, this work promotes the fact that a common therapy can be implemented when BMS and pelvodynia co-occur. However, the literature on the subject is still very limited. This can be deepened by exploring all the effective treatments in BMS and vulvodynia for penoscrotodynia. Finally, for all these pains, there is a therapeutic order to respect starting with a psychological approach, then topical treatments, systemic therapy and surgical. This therapeutic gradient assists practitioner in their patient's pain management. This article also allows health care providers to quickly find an effective systemic treatment for a patient with both BMS and pelvodynia.