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Papers: 7 Jan 2023 - 13 Jan 2023

2023 Jan 07

Int J Pharm

Microneedles as a momentous platform for psoriasis therapy and diagnosis: A state-of-the-art review.


Jaswanth Gowda BH, Gulzar Ahmed M, Hani U, Kesharwani P, Wahab S, Paul K
Int J Pharm. 2023 Jan 07:122591.
PMID: 36626973.


Psoriasis is a chronic, autoimmune, and non-communicable skin disease with a worldwide prevalence rate of 2-3%, creating an economic burden on global health. Some significant risk factors associated with psoriasis include genetic predisposition, pathogens, stress, medications, etc. In addition, most patients with psoriasis should also deal with comorbidities such as psoriatic arthritis, inflammatory bowel diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and psychological conditions, including suicidal thoughts. Based on its severity, the treatment approach for psoriasis is categorised into three types, i.e., topical therapy, systemic therapy, and phototherapy. Topical therapy for mild to moderate psoriasis faces several issues, such as poor skin permeability, low skin retention of drug formulation, greasy texture of topical vehicle, lack of controlled release, and so on. On the other arrow, systemic therapy via an oral or parenteral route of drug administration involves numerous drawbacks, including first-pass hepatic metabolism, hepatotoxicity, gastrointestinal disturbances, needle pain and phobia, and requirement of healthcare professional to administer the drug. To overcome these limitations, researchers devised a microneedle-based drug delivery system for treating mild to moderate and moderate to severe psoriasis. A single microneedle system can deliver the anti-psoriatic drugs either locally (topical) or systemically (transdermal) by adjusting the needle height without involving any pain. In this contemplate, the current review provides concise information on the pathophysiology, risk factors, and comorbidities of psoriasis, followed by their current treatment approaches and limitations. Further, it meticulously discusses the potential of microneedles in psoriasis therapy and diagnosis, along with descriptions of their patents and clinical trials.