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2023 Jan 02


Diagnosis of type 2 diabetes in a patient with acute sinusitis and COVID-19 in Colombia.


Vergara-Hernández J C, Villamil-Gomez WE, Collazos-Torres L A, Murillo-Moreno M, González-Bertel L L, de-Jesus-Arrubla-Hoyos W, Cordero-Galaraga A J, Pérez-Coley G, López-Cartagena N, Palencia Y E M
IDCases. 2023 Jan 02:e01664.
PMID: 36619214.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, cases of acute sinusitis due to COVID-19 and even co-infections have been reported [1]. We want to discuss a case in Colombia where a patient with detected type 2 diabetes presented sinusitis and COVID-19.A 51-year-old man from Sincelejo, Sucre, consulted on May 23, 2020, with one day presenting general malaise and fever (38°C), lumbar pain, frequent urination, polydipsia and hyperglycemia (366 mg/dl). He denies cough, travel during the last two weeksan Physical examination revealed a blood pressure of 170/110 mmHg, heart rate of 115 beats/minute, respiratory rate of 16 breaths/minute, and temperature of 36.6°C. Neither lymphadenopathies nor cardiopulmonary disturbances were noted. A working diagnosis of febrile syndrome, ketoacidosis, and recent-onset type 2 diabetes, with uncontrolled hypertension, was contemplated at admission RT-PCR for SARS-CoV-2 was positive. A head CT Scan revealed left maxillary sinusitis with mucosal thickening of the maxillary Despite the sizeable SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, the number of reports of sinusitis in association with COVID-19 has been limited [2], [3]. Sinusitis is more often diagnosed among immunocompromised patients, including diabetes of our patient. COVID-19, as a multisystemic condition., It may affect different anatomical areas, including the paranasal sinuses and the upper and lower respiratory mucosa. Although it is uncertain whether SARS-CoV-2 was the sole cause of the sinusitis in our patient or just a contributing factor, other reports suggest a significant involvement of the virus in the development of this condition, in addition to its role in worsening the clinical course of patients with chronic rhinosinusitis.