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2022 Dec 16

Diagnostics (Basel)



Somatosensory and Gustatory Profiling in the Orofacial Region.


Hartmann A, Welte-Jzyk C, Schmidtmann I, Geber C, Al-Nawas B, Daubländer M
Diagnostics (Basel). 2022 Dec 16; 12(12).
PMID: 36553205.


Quantitative sensory testing (QST) is a standard procedure in medicine to describe sensory patterns in various pathologies. The aim of this prospective clinical study was to define reference values of the trigeminal nerve (V3), including taste qualities, to create a compatibility for sensory loss or gain in pathologies. Fifty-one patients were included, and a standardized testing battery with 11 QST parameters according to the German Research Network on Neuropathic Pain (DFNS) was applied complemented by quantitative gustatory assessments. Significant somatosensory differences were found between the test sites (MDT at the chin, WDT at the lower lip) but no effect was detected for gender, age, and between body types. Taste sensitivity was dependent on concentration, gender (females being more sensitive) and increasing age (for bitter and sour taste). We provide reference values for somatosensory and gustatory testing of the facial area. Our data facilitate the detection of neurosensory abnormalities in the orofacial region. This might also serve as a control setting for COVID-19.