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Papers: 24 Dec 2022 - 30 Dec 2022

2022 Dec 23

J Neurol

Vestibular migraine or Meniere’s disease: a diagnostic dilemma.


Chen J-Y, Guo Z-Q, Wang J, Liu D, Tian E, Guo J-Q, Kong W-J, Zhang S-L
J Neurol. 2022 Dec 23.
PMID: 36562849.


Meniere's disease (MD) represents one of the vertigo disorders characterized by triad symptoms (recurrent vertigo, fluctuating hearing loss, tinnitus or ear fullness). The diagnosis of MD relies on the accurate and detailed taking of medical history, and the differentiation between MD and vestibular migraine (VM) is of critical importance from the perspective of the treatment efficacy. VM is a highly prevalent vertigo condition and its typical symptoms (headache, vestibular symptoms, cochlear symptoms) mimic those of MD. Furthermore, the misdiagnosis in MD and VM could lead to VM patients mistakenly receiving the traumatic treatment protocol designed for MD, and sustaining unnecessary damage to the inner ear. Fortunately, thanks to the advances in examination technologies, the barriers to their differentiation are being gradually removed. These advances enhance the diagnostic accuracy of vertigo diseases, especially VM and MD. This review focused on the differentiation of VM and MD, with an attempt to synthesize existing data on the relevant battery of differentiation diagnosis (covering core symptoms, auxiliary tests [audiometry, vestibular tests, endolymphatic hydrops tests]) and longitudinal follow-up. Since the two illnesses are overlapped in all aspects, no single test is sufficiently specific on its own, however, patterns containing all or at least some features boost specificity.