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2022 Dec 12

BMC Vet Res



A new S. suis serotype 3 infection model in pigs: lack of effect of buprenorphine treatment to reduce distress.


Liedel C, Mayer L, Einspanier A, Völker I, Ulrich R, Rieckmann K, Baums CG
BMC Vet Res. 2022 Dec 12; 18(1):435.
PMID: 36510249.


Streptoccocus suis (S. suis) is a major porcine pathogen causing meningitis, septicemia, arthritis and endocarditis. These diseases severely impair welfare of pigs. Experimental studies in pigs are important to better understand the pathogenesis and to identify protective antigens, as so far there is no vaccine available protecting against various serotypes (cps). Due to the severity of disease, application of appropriate refinement strategies in experimental S. suis infections is essential to reduce distress imposed on the piglets without jeopardizing the scientific output. The objectives of this study were to evaluate buprenorphine treatment as a refinement measure and serum cortisol levels as a distress read out parameter in a new S. suis cps3 infection model in pigs.