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Papers: 26 Nov 2022 - 2 Dec 2022

2022 Nov 12

Int J Mol Sci



Towards Zebrafish Models of CNS Channelopathies.


Kolesnikova TO, Demin KA, Costa FV, Zabegalov KN, de Abreu MS, Gerasimova EV, Kalueff AV
Int J Mol Sci. 2022 Nov 12; 23(22).
PMID: 36430455.


Channelopathies are a large group of systemic disorders whose pathogenesis is associated with dysfunctional ion channels. Aberrant transmembrane transport of K, Na, Ca and Cl by these channels in the brain induces central nervous system (CNS) channelopathies, most commonly including epilepsy, but also migraine, as well as various movement and psychiatric disorders. Animal models are a useful tool for studying pathogenesis of a wide range of brain disorders, including channelopathies. Complementing multiple well-established rodent models, the zebrafish () has become a popular translational model organism for neurobiology, psychopharmacology and toxicology research, and for probing mechanisms underlying CNS pathogenesis. Here, we discuss current prospects and challenges of developing genetic, pharmacological and other experimental models of major CNS channelopathies based on zebrafish.