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Papers: 12 Nov 2022 - 18 Nov 2022


2022 Nov 15

Arch Physiother



Spreading the word: pediatric pain education from treatment to prevention.


Ickmans K, Rheel E, Rezende J, Reis F J J
Arch Physiother. 2022 Nov 15; 12(1):25.
PMID: 36376953.


Pain affects everyone hence one can argue that it is in each individual's interest to understand pain in order to hold correct and adaptive beliefs and attitudes about pain. In addition, chronic pain is reaching pandemic proportions and it is now well known that people living with chronic pain have a reduced life expectancy. To address and to prevent the growth of this public health disaster, we must start looking beyond adulthood. How children view pain has an impact on their behavioral coping responses which in turn predict persistent pain early in the lifespan. In addition, children who suffer from chronic pain and who are not (properly) treated for it before adolescence have an increased risk of having chronic pain during their adult life. Explaining pain to children and youth may have a tremendous impact not only on the individual child suffering from chronic pain but also on society, since the key to stop the pain pandemic may well lie in the first two decades of life. In order to facilitate the acquisition of adaptive behavioral coping responses, pain education aims to shift people's view on pain from being an apparent threat towards being a compelling perceptual experience generated by the brain that will only arise whenever the conceivable proof of danger to the body is greater than the conceivable proof of safety to the body. Nowadays a lot of pain education material is available for adults, but it is not adapted to children's developmental stage and therefore little or not suitable for them. An overview of the state-of-the-art pain education material for children and youth is provided here, along with its current and future areas of application as well as challenges to its development and delivery. Research on pediatric pain education is still in its infancy and many questions remain to be answered within this emerging field of investigation.